Ultimate personal assistant
for BlackBerry® 10

You are the commander

SayIt™ is a voice recognition and assistant software for BlackBerry® 10 that can perform multilingual voice dictation, text to voice conversion and answer anything you want.
SayIt™ helps you get all the information about weather forecast, find interested places nearby, web search and all questions about Mathematics, Statistics & Data Analysis, Physics, Chemistry, Materials, Engineering, Astronomy, Earth Sciences, Shopping, Music, Culture & Media, People & History, Health & Medicine, ect.
Moreover, SayIt™ can make conversation with you. SayIt™ can translate between 65 other languages with speech input and voice output. You can also search IMDB, SoundCloud, Wikipedia, Google, Flickr, ect. by using your voice. It's a real personal assistant for your BlackBerry® 10.

Weather forecast Find interesting places nearby Answer random question